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Marketing Plans

Developing an effective digital marketing campaign is an important first step for any business. However, many companies do not know how to create a marketing strategy that targets their customers and prospects.

Today there are so many options when it comes to marketing choices. Business owners have the ability to use social media, content marketing, Search Engine Optimization, email marketing, pay-per-click search and display advertising. How do you know which medium is the right fit for your company?

We can develop a powerful digital marketing plan that will provide recommendations and step-by-step instructions on executing complex marketing strategies.

John Murphy, Principal
Blue Bell Marketing

Our Comphrensive
Marketing Plan Services

Evaluation Services

Evaluation Services
Let us review your marketing history and learn more about your business. We can then make recommendations that make sense for your marketing plan.

Social Media

Social Media
Social media is an important component of your marketing strategy. Let us show you how you can use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest to engage with your customers.

Email Strategies

Email Strategies
Developing a email strategy can be an important way to develop a long term relationship with your customers. Blue Bell Marketing can outline email marketing campaign concepts.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing
Compelling content is a powerful way to bring new customers to your company website. We can develop article titles and copy that reaches your target customer.


Online Advertising
Need help outlining your pay-per-click and display advertising goals? Let us find keyword phrases that your customer use and show you how to set up pay-per-click ad campaigns.


Are you confused about your Search Engine Optimization strategies? Let us outline SEO goals by auditing your existing website, review competitors and suggest linking strategies.

We Create Using Our
Proven Process

  • Initial Scope Meeting

    We begin all of our projects with an initial scope meeting. This will be a fact finding meeting in which we will review the upcoming project and discuss our goals.

  • Market Research

    Based on the feedback from our initial scope meeting we move on to the next phase: Market Research. In this step we will gather information about your target customer, your competitors and review current market conditions for your products and/or services.

  • Keyword Research

    In our next phase we will research keyword data through Google AdWords, social media and other keyword research tools. We will make recommendations on digital marketing strategies utilizing this keyword data. In this step we will review the following factors: national keyword search volume, keyword search trends and keyword competitiveness.

  • Marketing Plan Development

    Using market and keyword research we will start developing your marketing plan. This written outline will provide step-by-step goals and recommendations on using digital marketing strategies to reach your target audience.

  • Strategy Presentation

    In this last phase we will present our digital media marketing plan. Our marketing plan will provide exact month-to-month instructions on suggested marketing strategies and new marketing opportunities uncovered in the research phase. We will also answer questions and discuss next steps.

  • Plan Execution

    Do you need help executing pay-per-click, social media or content marketing strategies? Let us help you get started! We will outline the costs associated with executing any project and can start working on reaching your goals.

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