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5 Law Firm Marketing Mistakes That You Should Know

May 6, 2015

Setting up the correct marketing strategy is an important component to the success of your law firm. However, many firms don’t take the time to sit down and map out their sales funnel. For those of you who don’t know, a sales funnel is the process that turns your prospects into customers. As you probably agree, this step isn’t always an easy task. In the world of law firm marketing competition is VERY high and breaking through the clutter is often very difficult.

5 Law Firm Marketing Mistakes That You Should Know

One of the first steps in building your sales funnel is taking a hard look at your primary marketing tool...your company website. After all, your website is very first impression your prospect sees and is crucial for showing your brand value. To save you some time, I have put together a quick list of the top 5 mistakes that I see on a daily basis.

#1 Your Landing Page Doesn’t Match Your Ad Copy

This is hands down the number one mistake I see over and over again. Many law firms advertise their services online using Google AdWords. It is a great tool to drive qualified traffic to your website.

However, many businesses make the mistake of directing ALL of those clicks to their website home page instead of landing pages specifically designed for their keywords. For example, if they are buying the keyword phrase “Divorce Attorney”, then those clicks should be directed to the ‘Divorce Services” website page. Or “How to write a Will” should be directed to the “Family Law Services” website page.

Unfortunately, you can’t assume that your prospect is going to search through your entire site to find the answers they are seeking. It is so much easier for your website visitor to click the “Back” button and review the other search results.

Think about how much money this type of situation can cost you over time. Not only does it cost you advertising dollars but it also costs you potential revenue from new clients. So the solution is pretty simple...when you setup your Google AdWords account, break up your ad campaign into groups and have those ads go to specific landing pages.

#2 You Website Lacks A Strong Value Statement

Ok, we all know how competitive it is to market your business, especially in this world of online marketing. How often have you gone to a website and seen the phrases, “We have the best service.” or “We have been in business for over X years.”? Many law firms make the mistake of not creating a strong value statement that really differentiates them from other firms.

Here’s my challenge to you. Think of ways that you can show your prospect that your firm has a clear benefit over other attorneys in your field. Create a list of value statements that are unusual. Is there an accomplishment that you are especially proud of? Then send that list to other employees or friends and get their feedback. Is there one phrase or concept that they like than more the rest? If so, incorporate that benefit into your primary marketing statements and see if it helps break you through the clutter.

#3 You Website Doesn't Include Call-To-Action Offers

So let’s think about your prospect for a second. For example, let’s say they just landed on your “Family Law Services” website page. They read all of your information and like what you have to say and maybe they click on the “Contact Us” form and send you an email.

However, maybe they decide to leave your website and come back later. But then they forget the name of your firm and never come back again. Is that so hard to imagine? I know it happens to me all the time. Many companies make the mistake of not including some sort of Call-To-Action (CTA) that helps them retain prospects who visit their website.

Instead, what if you created a white paper or cheat sheet that answers common questions about Family Law? For example, you list and explain all documents you should have prepared for a common Will. Then you promote that white paper on your Family Law website page. Wouldn’t that be a valuable offer for your prospect? All you would ask from your prospect is their email so you can send them the white paper.

This is a simple example of a CTA that accomplished two goals. First, it provides valuable information to your prospect and two, you get to keep their contact information in return. You can then build an email list of qualified prospects that you can periodically send out additional information or even contact directly.

#4 Your Website Isn’t Mobile Responsive

Ok, I can hear you saying: “But my clients don’t view our website on mobile devices”. I understand that concept because right now the mobile percentage of your clients and prospects mobile may be very small. However, that will be changing in the future. Right now, 80% of all online adults now own a smartphone and that percentage is growing every year.

Plus, here is another staggering statistic, 25% of Americans use only mobile devices to access the Internet. So here’s the thing, you are putting your business at a disadvantage when mobile users land on your site. If they have to resize your site to read your content, most likely they will leave after only a few clicks.

#5 Your Website Doesn't Include A Sitemap

Finally, this last mistake is typically the easiest to fix. Does your website have a Sitemap? In case you didn’t know, a Sitemap is a list of ALL of your website pages. Every website should have a Sitemap page that is accessed through a website link in the page footer or primary menu bar. Here's an example of our website Sitemap.

So many businesses forget this basic marketing tip. The reality is that you never know how people will end up on your website. Sometimes they will enter your website through a blog post or even through your About Us page. So if they want to find additional information about your company, make it easy for them.

Don’t assume that they will find what they are looking for using your primary menu. Bottom line, the purpose of a website is to provide information. Your Sitemap page is an important part of that process.

I hope you found this information helpful. If you enjoyed this article, please share it using the social media links below and good luck in tuning up your digital marketing strategy.

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